Gregor Mersick

Hey, I’m Gregor Mersick, or for you just Greg. I’m a 28 year old skateboarder and blogging enthusiast from Portland, Oregon. I have been skateboarding since the early 90’s.

I first got into skateboarding as a kid when I was watching the X Games and Tony Hawk was my idol. I used to skate on my parent’s hand me down skateboard. I was constantly looking for new tricks and new boards. I’ve spent literally thousands of hours on YouTube watching skateboarding videos searching for some new ideas.

A few years ago I started a new chapter in my life and went to university to study and learn more about the world. The funny thing is, that while attending classes, I realized that I already knew everything they were teaching me, or at least had a good grasp on the topics. It was almost like a waste of time for me and I decided to take a year off and travel around the world.

I’ve spent countless hours reading skateboarding blogs and forums to learn more and more about skateboarding to help me improve my skills and to be a better skateboarder. It got to the point where I started writing my own skateboarding tutorials and I realized that I’m probably more qualified to write about skateboarding than about anything else since I’ve spent more time doing it than anything else in the world.

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy,

Gregor Mersick