10 Benefits of Rollerblading You Didn’t Know

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10 Benefits of Rollerblading

You can now get inline skates in so many different styles of footwear … sneakers or track shoes, dress shoes, summer flip flops, winter boots, etc.

So many athletes, whether it’s inline skaters, road cyclists, or mountain bikers, take their sport so seriously. They train in sports-specific gear and go to great expense to buy the best products they can find … and with good reason … their performance and safety is on the line.

If you’re an athlete who relies on his/her gear, it’s important to understand that apart from safety equipment you should also pay special attention to your athletic shoes as well. Here are 10 reasons why you should invest in a great pair of inline skates.

Muscle Endurance

Thinking of how to build your muscle endurance? Over the years, there have been more than a few benefits of rollerblading benefits discovered through skating. You may not know that rollerblading is very good for muscle endurance. For example, you’re constantly moving your legs while you’re rollerblading. In fact, the movement alone makes you working on your muscle endurance. That’s a great way to build your muscle endurance that’s easy on your joints.

See? It’s all about how you plan to rollerblade. In addition to this, rollerblading also introduces you to good socialization. You make new friends, and you are sure to have fun with the activity.

Maintains Weight

Blading burns calories, but also helps you to maintain your weight loss.

Because rollerblading burns calories, it’s also important for weight loss. When you lose weight, your metabolism slows down. Your body needs fewer calories to keep functioning. If you don’t cut calories when you’re losing weight, you’ll end up regaining the weight you’ve lost and more.

Blading helps you to keep that calorie deficit, which is, in part, why it’s so effective at maintaining weight loss. It’s a great way to burn calories, and it’s fun until you get bored with it.

It’s important to keep your body moving in order for your body to burn calories. Even when you’re sitting still, your body is burning calories to function. The more energy you burn, the more weight you lose. If you sit for eight hours during the day, your body will spend a lot of energy trying to function normally. In fact, when you’re sitting still, you’re burning about 50 calories an hour. Blading increases the number of calories your body burns by increasing the physical exertion your body exerts.

Improve Your Balance

Rollerblading is a fun way to improve your balance and coordination. To go fast, you must keep your body in one straight line with your arms out to balance yourself.

Improves Blood Flow

In order to keep up with skateboarding tricks, you need to have quick reaction times. Good blood flow to your brain helps you stay alert and improves your blood flow.

Strengthen Muscles

Rollerblading is very good aerobic exercise. You burn calories and build muscle. One of the biggest benefits of rollerblading is how it works your quadriceps (thigh) muscles. Because skating is a dry form of exercise, there is less impact on your knees and no joint wear and tear.

Combats Obesity

Rollerblading is good exercise and burns lots of calories. This makes it effective for battling obesity.

Boosts Confidence

The more you rollerblade, the more you improve, the more your confidence will grow. Once people start to see how much better you are, your confidence becomes contagious and they are more likely to come and rollerblade with you, rather than you finding them.

Improve Your Agility

To rollerblade smoothly, you need good footwork and to be quick and agile. This will improve your coordination and create a better athlete.

Improves Heart Health

Rollerblading is a fun, active form of exercise, and it offers many benefits. Studies have shown that rollerblading can help lower blood pressure, improve blood circulation, and make it easier to breathe, among other benefits. According to the American Heart Association, regular exercise can prevent or postpone the development of heart disease, a disease that’s known to be the leading cause of death in the US. (1)

Rollerblading is a good way to get exercise. An individual weighing 150 pounds who rollerblades for 90 minutes at an average pace will burn approximately 620 calories.

It Gets You out There and Makes You Social

Some people shy away from physical activity. They don’t like being in public and/or don’t like being seen while they are exercising. When it comes to rollerblading, this isn’t an issue. Rollerbladers can get around almost anywhere with ease and visit places that they would otherwise have to drive to.

You can meet and socialize with people while you’re out on the road.

Works the Arms & Legs

Women love rollerblades for a lot of reasons. They are a great form of cardio, of course, and they are often the best-looking way to get around. Besides this, you will soon discover that rollerblading has some surprising benefits for the upper body, too.

The first and foremost is that the arms provide resistance as part of the skating stride, but this can be a little difficult to detect. Rather than propelling the body forward, the movement actually lifts the skates, and you must use the arms to hold the bars to the body. This means that the arms are working hard to maintain forwards momentum, and the result is noticeably stronger arms and shoulders.

This provides a good cardiovascular workout, too, because you engage the abs and the core during all kinds of movements. You’ll also find that the legs get a good workout while gliding on the skates, because you need to lean from side to side, from back to front, and from one leg to the other. The legs get a good workout to maintain balance when taking each step, too, because of the slight motion involved.

Remember that this is a free-wheeling kind of activity, without the speed of cycling or running. Even though you will be moving fast when you’re first learning, this is a great form of exercise since it takes time to get used to it and master the need for balance.

Defeat Diabetes Once & For All



The best remedy for curingis to select a rollerblading exercise a few days every week. An innovative team of researchers has brought some light on the benefits of rollerblading. We are currently living in a world where an estimated 30 million people in America alone have diabetes. This number is expected to double in the next 20 years! The American Diabetes Association reports that more than 24 million type 2 diabetes sufferers are not even aware that they have it. In a previous report, it was said that about 75% of the type 2 diabetes patients have either obesity or obesity-related disorder.

If you are already suffering from diabetes, I am sure you will be relieved to hear that there is possible cure. It so happens that rollerblading is a simple and fun exercises which could help you effectively and permanently defeat diabetes.

Patients are now becoming more aware of the fact that you can reverse your diabetes. This is because of new research reports that have surfaced in the recent past. Almost everyone who has diabetes knows that it is not a curable disease. They always pray for a cure but have been disappointed by all the treatments.

However, new research discoveries have revealed a potent weapon to combat this potentially fatal disease. Researchers have discovered that rollerblading can help you dispose of your diabetes once and for all. This new discovery has contributed to a new rollerblading trend that is currently sweeping America and other parts of the globe.

Makes You Feel Happy

Blading makes you feel good, like you’re flying through the sky, almost like you’re flying on your own power. The experience of being in the moment, feeling this great feeling, with the added perk of getting to enjoy a nice sunny day, is definitely enjoyable in more ways than one.

Improves Brainpower

Another great thing about rollerblading is that it’s a great way to clear your mind of the grip of modern day stresses. When you’re blading, you’re going to be able to focus fully on the important things in your life, and you really won’t have the time or the energy to focus on the negative.

Makes You Feel Good

When you’re blading, you’re going to really be able to notice that great feeling of accomplishment. You’ll feel great about yourself, plus, you’re going to feel glad that you found something that’s good for you and that can also be adapted to accommodate your schedule.

Prevent Injuries

Rollerblades were designed with the intention of being a form of aerobic exercise. However, a desire to learn how to do tricks on rollerblades, as well as a lack of experience, makes rollerblading an unsafe activity for children. Kids as young as 8 years old have taken injuries from wearing rollerblades that include bruises, broken bones, and cuts on their face and head.

In fact, rollerblades are designed for adults. They are flat and cannot be used by young children, let alone someone who weighs less than 165 pounds. With these bladed shoes, stability is not guaranteed, and if you are not experienced enough yet, you just might find yourself flipping over and falling.

Moreover, rollerblading creates muscle imbalances. This imbalance happens because the knees and ankles work together when they should be working independently. If you are suffering from knee pain when you try to rollerblade, it is most likely due to muscle imbalances. To prevent this from happening to you, make sure that you stretch first before heading out to blading.

The rollerblade wheels optimize the skating experience. However, falls and improper stances could lead to injuries. If you look at the knee pads of a rollerblader, you may notice that the knee area is a little lower than the ankle area. This means that the knees have more surface that is able to touch the ground when you fall.

Harder for Longer

People who regularly go rollerblading stand a better chance of keeping power in their stroke as they age. Before you start scolding them for putting future generations of skaters at risk, it remains true regardless of age.

Rollerblading specifically hinders the power of stroke, which is a lot like a clutch muscle. This is a muscle that from a resting position which can be quickly brought into action.

Many believe that regular rollerblading helps build thigh muscles, but no matter how you look at it, that’s essentially it. Because of this, regular rollerblading builds the strength of stroke muscles.

You can take advantage of improving your knee joint with rollerblading. The rollerblading workout requires every limb of the body to be engaged.

When rollerblading, the body is required to engage every single muscle in the body. The extra use of muscles, as well as the typical use, reduces the chances of triggering a muscle soreness in the core.

With rollerblading, you can easily get the workout you want by going at the pace you choose. Whenever you are starting the activity, you can move at an optimum pace, which is highly responsible for the workout. Whether you are an athlete or a couch potato, you will be able to have a fantastic experience while rollerblading.

Stress Free Life

So, we started with the very first benefit of rollerblading! Well, actually, it’s not so much the first benefit as it is the first feature. We know that many of you folks still trying to decide whether rollerblading is better than other workouts or not. So, you’ve decided to try it out for a couple of times and get back to us on that. The good news is; rollerblading can help you let go of some stress or anxiety. The question is, will you?

Urban transportation can be hectic; I know that from personal experience. I’m always stuck in traffic, always stuck with some random thoughts from my office and always a bit on edge. Rollerblading is a great way to take a breath, to catch up on the fresh air, and do a bit of exercise while you’re at it.

Everyone needs some time to themselves, that much is true. So why not try a good stress reliever for once? I’m sure you’ll like it, and I’m sure you’ll start enjoying a good work out session, too.