Top 20 Best Skateboards Trucks in 2022 Review – Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide

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Whether you’re a brand new skateboarder or you’ve been riding in the streets for years, there’s always room for improvement.

This is especially true when it comes to skateboard trucks.

These small steering mechanisms are arguably the most important part of your board, as they make up the steering column and are connected to the wheels. If you’re looking to improve your style, stability, and control on the streets, then upgrading your stick’s trucks will instantly improve your performance.

To help you decide which skateboard truck you need, I’ve compiled a list of 20 of the best skateboard truck sets in 2022. Within this guide, I’ll discuss the most commonly used skateboard truck brands, how to choose the right ones for your style and board, how to identify if your old trucks are worn out, and how to set up your trucks so you can ride stronger, longer, and with more style.

Silver Truck Company L-Class Pro Chaz Ortiz 8.00 Low Skateboard TrucksBest OverallSilver Truck Company L-Class Pro Chaz Ortiz 8.00 Low Skateboard Trucks

1. Silver Truck Company L-Class Pro Chaz Ortiz 8.00 Low Skateboard Trucks

Our rating: 9 / 10

Silver Truck Company L-Class Pro Chaz Ortiz 8.00 Low Skateboard Trucks

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  • Crystal bushings
  • 180mm hanger
  • 8 plies maple
  • Light

We’re delighted to see a skateboard truck company making a serious push into the world of downhill. Silver Truck Company made a name for itself with a top-notch product in the world of bowl trucks and longboards, and adding some around-town style to its line-up could be just the thing this truck company needs.

Silver Truck Company L-Class Pro Chaz Ortiz 8.00 Low Skateboard Trucks are perfect for downhill and freeride, designed by Chaz Ortiz, known for one of the fastest downhill skateboarders nowadays.

With speed in mind, Chaz Ortiz made these trucks lightweight. Since these trucks are designed for downhill at high speeds, they have a 180mm hanger and 8 plies maple, which makes them incredibly light while still being more rigid and sturdy than standard 8.0s.

2. Krux Trucks Standard Silver Polished Skateboard Trucks

Our rating: 6 / 10

Krux Trucks Standard Silver Polished Skateboard Trucks

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  • New – These trucks are brand new in the box and ready to ship
  • Solid – The trucks are crafted out of solid aluminum
  • Replaceable bushing and baseplates – Nothing makes a skateboard more customize-able than replaceable bushings
  • Freeride – These trucks are a perfect freeride truck
  • Skate Warehouse's Low Price Guarantee – These trucks are backed by Skate Warehouse's low price guarantee


  • Initially they have a little bit of grinding – This issue is caused by the fact that the manufacturer doesn't disassemble the trucks after hardening the bushings. Over time, the grinding goes away.
  • They make a little bit of noise – This is probably caused by the bushing. The good thing is this issue mostly fixes itself

The Krux Standard Polished Skateboard Trucks are great for people who are looking for trucks for freeride, downhill, and carving. They are manufactured out of solid aluminum that gives them a classic look and feel.

The Krux trucks are also cut from a single block of aluminum and are 4140 heat treated. This makes them stronger and more durable than traditional hollow metal skateboard trucks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the best skateboard trucks for street?

Double-kick skateboards are designed with all-terrain riding. They are ideal for both freestyle and cruising. The best skateboard trucks for “street” are long and lightweight and often made of a harder material. Softer trucks aren’t usually as durable nor are they preferred for fast riding, but softer with a smaller diameter can be great for cruisers.

The two most common types of trucks are standard trucks and turning trucks. They are similar in that they can both turn, but turning trucks allow greater turning radius. With that, turns require less effort.

Trucks with reduced hanger size produce more maneuverability. However, small size hangers may make it difficult to grind.

Decide which size of truck is most suited to your skateboard style and riding.

In general, longer boards with medium-sized wheels ride best with medium-sized trucks.

What are the best quality skateboards?

There are a lot of skate trucks and skateboard companies out there, but to find the best quality skateboard trucks, look for ones that are made from 100% forged aluminum, not CNC machined. Durability is very important for skateboard trucks and the base trucks are usually the first to break down. A cheap pair of boards can be easily replaced, but the trucks are what make a skateboard as good as it is. Thus, it is a good idea to invest in a high quality set of skateboard trucks when purchasing your new skateboard.

What are the best skateboard trucks for street skating?

The best skateboard truck for street skating is a reverse kingpin truck. They are the most maneuverable trucks and allow for the most flip tricks. The best street trucks are usually built with a heavy duty forged aluminum, not a CNC machined aluminum.

What are the best skateboard trucks for ramp skating?

Who is the best skateboard 2022?

If you are looking for the best skateboard 2022, then you have come to the right place. The sales of skateboards are at an all-time high. In fact, in the past year, sales went up by more than 65 percent.

So, if you have decided to pick up this popular hobby, then you will need to kick off this exhilarating sport with the right equipment. The funny thing is that buying a skateboard is just like buying a new car – you always want to get the best one available. But, if you lack the necessary information, then you may not get the best deal for your money.

What trucks are best for cruising?

Cruising is a type of skateboarding trick where the skateboarder maintains a consistent speed while moving in a straight line. The most important criteria for a good cruising truck are stability, smooth turning, comfortable turning, and durability.

The most important factor is to get a skateboard with solid, truck mounts. Look for trucks with bigger axles and bushings that are well coated with urethane.

Additionally, you should also look for a truck with a wide, flat mount. This means that the truck will be able to turn smoothly and easily.

For a comfortable ride, you also need trucks with a 75-degree hanger angle. Wider, flatter decks are also important for a more comfortable ride and because they tend to be sturdier.

Just remember, weight is an important factor in determining ride stability. That is why lighter decks with narrow boards are favored by cruising skaters.


If you’re in the market for a new set of trucks, you want to know you’re getting the best board for your buck. The reviews for the top trucks in the game for 2022 is what you need. There are a lot of cool things about this sport–the tricks, the styles–but it’s found its way into movies, music videos, and Youtube vlogs. It’s a sport, but some people think of it as an art. There are a lot of upgrades you can make to your skateboard truck, and a lot of different trucks out on the market.

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Silver Truck Company L-Class Pro Chaz Ortiz 8.00 Low Skateboard TrucksBest OverallSilver Truck Company L-Class Pro Chaz Ortiz 8.00 Low Skateboard Trucks