How to Clean Roller Skate Bearings

Gregor Mersick
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Tips on How to Clean Roller Skate Bearings

While there is no official rule for how often you should clean your bearings, skates that are used frequently should be cleaned frequently. This keeps them in optimum working condition.

If you skate primarily outdoors you will need to clean the bearings at least once a month, while a skater who skates primarily indoors will likely only need to clean them once a year … if at all.

Most skates come with a plastic shield that covers the bearings. These shields make it difficult for dirt and particles to get inside the bearings. They also prevent the bearings from coming in contact with sweat or oil from your feet. If your bearings become damaged your skates They will need to be replaced. You can learn how to replace your bearings in the next section.

There are many methods of cleaning your bearings, but the two below are probably the most popular. Use whichever one best suits your comfort level.