How To Make A Bearing Cleaning Kit

Gregor Mersick
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Bearing Cleaning Kit

You have read the prior tips on how to clean bearings and have decided to get the wind up cleaning kits to help make your work a lot easier. While the kits are cheap, you still have to go out and purchase them. Well here is a very easy way to make one for maybe 60% of the cost.

First purchase some kerosene or your favorite solvent. Foam brushes. Dental burs. Metal burs. Several bearings in different sizes and a few clean tubes to house your burs and solvent. Cheap tubing is often 1/8” OD or 3/16” OD. The tubing should be 4” to 8” long. The larger the bore, the more brushing surface you will get.

In order to not spread the filth from the bearings, small bore tubing needs to be placed inside the larger bore tubing before you fill. A ball bearing tube will also work very well. But if you use a tubing that is small enough, the large burs will still fit.

You will also need some way to fit them in a vice. A rat tail file works well. Put a small slot in the center of the file, and place a screw on it to hold the tubing.

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