How to Make A Skateboard Bearing

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Skateboard bearings are the most important part of any skateboard. Without bearings, a skateboard cannot turn. Because it’s such a crucial element of the skateboard, it’s important to know how a skateboard bearing works.

A skateboard comprises several parts. The deck is the most important component because it consists of arts and graphics. This is where the action happens. It’s made up of a directional circle and a set of coping edges. The deck is supported by a pair of trucks.

The trucks are the parts that move up and down the foot stops, which are the final components of the skateboard. In between the trucks are the skateboard wheels. Most skateboard wheels are made up of polyurethane. The wheels are attached to the trucks via bushings.

The bushing is what actually connects the wheels to the trucks. The bushings are made up of plastic cups filled with a substance called bushings. The bushing moves freely within the bushing cup, but it can’t come out because the plastic bushing cup is secured to the trucks with a metal bolt. This mechanism allows the skateboard to move up and down the foot stops. The bushing separates the wheels from the deck.

Make a Skateboard Bearing

Step 1: Collect your materials. You will need:

1 “id” soda can

1 “id” soda can Step 2: From the end of the soda can about 3/4 of the way around, cut down the center of the can to form two rings.

Step 3: Put the two rings back together, and be sure that you’ve left some space between them. You can either add a couple of washers, or just leave the space for the washers if you plan to put them on later.

Step 4: Get out your bearings. You should be able to pull the bearings out of a roller skate.

Step 5: Slip one of the bearings onto one of the rings.

Step 6: Put the bearing and ring with the loose end of the ring that makes it spin onto your can. Check to see if the bearing is spinning, and adjust if necessary.

Step 7: Put the final ring onto the bearing. Make sure that there is space between the two rings. This will allow the bearing to spin freely.

Remember that you should not put too much pressure on the rings. If you press down on them too much, the bearings may be damaged and you may be forced to replace them.