How to Ride a Hoverboard

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A Quick Guide to Riding a Hoverboard

Hoverboards are often used as a substitute for skateboards, skate scooters and other similar devices. This is due to hoverboards’ versatility. Imagine a skateboard, but with a strap around your feet, and you’ve got a hoverboard. Riding one is even easier!

If you’ve ever ridden a skateboard before, then there are a few things that I should explain to you first. The most important part of riding a hoverboard, is the posture. If you’re sitting too low, you won’t have good balance.

But I will give you one piece of advice that is universal to riding any type of hoverboard: if you’re going to be learning to ride one, take your time!

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There is no shame in taking baby steps. The simplest thing to do is lean forward a bit and place your feet on the board. This ensures that you have enough control to ride a hoverboard. Once you’ve done that, lean back slightly and place one foot on each side of the hoverboard and glide forward.

Safety Tips to Keep in Mind Before Riding a Hoverboard

First, it’s important to read the safety manual and safety warnings that come with your hoverboard. It doesn’t matter if the manufacturer is reputable or whether or not your friends have been using their hoverboards without problems. You still need to be informed about the dangers that hoverboards present and the steps that you need to take to remain safe while riding one.

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Here are some of the main hazards associated with hoverboards:


The high-energy lithium ion batteries that power hoverboards are extremely dangerous if they malfunction. They present a fire hazard and, therefore, special care must be taken while charging and while using the hoverboard.

Short Cuts

Hoverboards have not really been around that long, so people are still figuring out the best ways to ride them. Some people might take a shortcut and decide to ride a hoverboard while holding onto something else. This makes it harder for you to maintain your balance, which in turn increases your chances of falling. If you’re carrying anything heavy while riding a hoverboard, you’re increasing your chances of falling and hurting yourself. It’s always best to only hold onto the hoverboard itself.

Making the Decision

Hoverboards are growing fast in popularity, and many people are buying them sight unseen. This is understandable because they’re very cool, and can do some great tricks. However, like any new technology, there’s a steep learning curve.

It’s pretty easy to jump on and ride a hoverboard. First, you put one foot closer to the center of the board, and the other foot on the outside of the board. Then you lift the inside foot slightly off the board while keeping the outside foot firmly planted on the board. You’ll want to do this in front of a mirror so you can learn how to control it.

Secondly, you’ll need to learn how to turn, coast, and drive. Many beginners have excessive difficulty in controlling them. It’s important to remember that there’s a direct relationship between the amount of weight that you put onto the hoverboard and the amount of speed it will travel.

Wearing safety gear is a must, because there’s a very real risk of injury. Protective gear for skateboarding is a good place to start, including wrist guards, knee pads, and elbow pads. It is best to get a helmet, and a good idea to get it on before you even get on the hoverboard.

Getting Your First Hoverboard

If you would like to buy a hoverboard, the first thing you should do is to check the authenticity of the hoverboard. Read through the hoverboard reviews of different brands and write down those manufacturers that are offering reliable hoverboards. Then, check their return policy or warranty policy if you have any doubts. You should also check if the shipping is insured or not. Only after checking everything, you can place a purchase order for a certified hoverboard.