How To Skateboarding 101 – Basic Skateboard Tips for Dummies

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Set up and footwear

Before you start skateboarding you are going to need a skateboard and a protective helmet. Just because you are riding a skateboard doesn’t mean that you will not fall and hit your head. In fact, you could end up tumbling down the pavement if you don’t safeguard your noggin. Wearing a helmet protects you from bumps and lumps, in addition to keeping your brain from slamming into the pavement should you take a tumbling spill.

When skateboarding, you are going to want a snug fit for your helmet to ensure that it stays in place during your tumble. Helmet sizing is based on the circumference of your head, so measure your head to find a helmet that fits snugly, without putting any pressure on the skin around your head. Your helmet should be about two finger widths above your eyebrows when you lower your chin to your chest. Make sure the helmet fits snugly –if it’s too big, it won’t stay on your head when youre skating. If your helmet is too big, take it back to your local skate shop – they’ll exchange it for the correct size.

First time skateboarding

“ Skateboarding 101: Let’s Start At the Beginning

So you’ve decided to learn how to skate. Congratulations! Let’s get you started off with some basic tips for beginners. Skateboarding can be fun, but it’s also kind of a pain in the butt. Here are a few tips that will save you some frustration.

Learn How to Stop

Before you decide to tackle anything hard, like a ramp or half pipe, get the basic stuff down.

Learn how to stop on a skateboard. It sounds easy, but it can be tricky. It’s going to take a jump or two to get the kinks out. It’s important to get this one right. It’s a lot easier to learn how to stop on a small ramp than it is on a big hill (like a huge one).