How To Take Trucks Off A Skateboard

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If you want to replace the wheels on your skateboard with the same brand/model, it will be important to remove the trucks correctly. If you take a couple minutes to think this through and learn how to do it, you'll save yourself a lot of money and time in the long run.


{1}. Lift one end of the skateboard by gripping the deck near the trucks and bending your knees. This will make the board loosen a bit. Now try to turn the wheels away from the trucks and pull them out.
{2}. Once you have the wheels off, step on one of the trucks until it comes out from the board.
{3}. Repeat with the other truck. Make sure you keep the wheels and the trucks organized… you'll be putting them back in the same way in just a moment.
{4}. Move on to the next step.

Take Trucks Off a Skateboard

You can tell if a skateboard has "trucks" by looking at the "hanger" or axle perpendicular to the deck that the wheels are attached to. The skateboard trucks are constructed from metal and plastic and are much larger than the skateboard deck. There are 8 trucks on an average skateboard.

How to Take Trucks Off a Skateboard: 1. Remove the wheels from the trucks. 2. Mark the location of the kingpin in the wheel, so that it can be replaced in the same position on the other wheel. 3. Put an axle just shorter than the kingpin through a wheel. Push the axle through the hole on one end of the truck. 4. Align the wheel and the truck. Then slide the truck axle into the slot on the truck hanger. 5. Tighten the nut on the axle bolt. 6. Screw the wheels onto the axle. 7. Put the skateboard back on the ground and try spinning all four wheels.