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INDO BOARD Original - Barefoot Design - Balance Board for Fun, Fitness and Sports Training - Comes with 30

Top 8 Balance Boards in 2021 Review

Balance boards are a popular piece of a gym equipment for people who want a low-impact workout that could potentially strengthen their abs, legs, and improve balance.

ZEFR Boadyboard 48

Top 12 Boogie Boards 2021 Review

Boogie boards have made a tremendous comeback in recent years, and have once again become super popular. Our guide shares the best boogie boards and boogie boards reviews for 2021.

15 Cheap Electric Skateboards in 2021

There are so many cheap skateboards on Amazon, Aliexpress and Ebay but not all are worth buying. Here’s a list of 15 cheap electric skateboards to buy in 2021. Includes powerful off-road boards as well.

How to Make A Skateboard Bearing

Who lets their bearings go bad anyway? It’s not your fault. Skateboard bearings have a short shelf life, so learn how to make them last longer and skate faster.