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How Do Skateboard Trucks Work

In our How It Works section – it’s time to take a deep dive into skateboard truck technology. Here is what your skateboard truck does, how to pick the right one and how it all works.

How to Clean Roller Skate Bearings

Our list of the best skate bearings to buy doesn’t have any bearings on it! Well, here is a step by step guide to cleaning skate bearings.

History of Roller Skate

A brief history of roller skate brakes. Which were deemed illegal and why. Do they work better than “traditional” inline skate brakes?

How to Clean Roller Skate Wheels

We just bought a pair of Quad Roller Skates and they’re not holding their wheels very well. Can you help us clean the wheel bearings?

How To Measure Skateboard Trucks

In this guide we explain how to measure skateboard trucks. This is useful because when buying online you never know the exact length of the trucks.

How to Fix Hoverboard

If you’ve got yourself a hoverboard, you’ll want to dig into this. Here I share my tips for extending hoverboard battery life and fixing hoverboard battery issues.

How Do Hoverboards Work

Learn everything you ever wanted to know about hoverboards. Understand how the hoverboard works and why it is so popular.

How To Make A Bearing Cleaning Kit

If you see excessive buildup on the axle (or anywhere on the bike for that matter) you will want to brush it off. A bearing cleaning kit can speed up that process immensely.

How to Draw Roller Skates

Roller skates are awesome and have been around for a long time. This tutorial will show you how to draw roller skates.