Top 17 Skateboards Wheels in 2021 Review – Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide

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Skateboarding, or skating as it’s commonly known, may seem to be a pretty straight forward activity. All you need is a board, a pair of wheels and a few friends. And that’s true, to get started, you do need those things. However, there’s much more to skating than that. In this guide, I’ll be taking you through all you need to know about skateboarding, helping you chose the right gear, and even going over the best skateboards. In fact, to start you off, let’s talk about the different types of skateboards that are available and what they are best used for. If you’re new to the world of skateboarding, you’ll be surprised at just how many different types of skateboards there are. We’ll talk about the different types that are available and what they are best used for. Hopefully, by the end, you’ll be equipped with everything you need to know to find the perfect skateboard for you. What to Expect In This Comprehensive Skateboard Wheels Review

Types of Skateboards: Deciding What Type of Skateboard to Buy

Shark Wheel 60 mm 78a Skateboard WheelsBest OverallShark Wheel 60 mm 78a Skateboard Wheels
Mini Logo C-Cut 53mm 101a Black Skateboard WheelsBudget PickMini Logo C-Cut 53mm 101a Black Skateboard Wheels

1. Shark Wheel 60 mm 78a Skateboard Wheels

Our rating: 9 / 10

Shark Wheel 60 mm 78a Skateboard Wheels

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  • 78a Shark formula
  • 60 mm size
  • 3D graphic print
  • Two-year warranty
  • Made from urethane material
  • 22.2-pounds
  • 5-minute installation
  • 100% effortless
  • Takes on any terrain
  • Excellent grip


  • At 14mm, concave lips are shallow
  • You’ll have to wait 5 to 8 days for delivery

These high-quality wheels are an excellent choice for skating on any kind of terrain. The Shark Wheel 60 mm 78a Skateboard Wheels are brilliant at gliding over bumps and cracks on the road while maintaining good grip.

It is very easy to mount them. They feature a two-year warranty and 100% effortless design. Also, they have excellent grip and are ideal for cruising and carving.

These wheels come in 4-pack and 78a Shark formula so you won’t have to worry about those pesky flats. They also feature a wide wheel base and a classic shape.

2. Mini Logo C-Cut 53mm 101a Black Skateboard Wheels

Our rating: 6 / 10

Mini Logo C-Cut 53mm 101a Black Skateboard Wheels

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  • Meant for a multitude of riding styles
  • C-cut wheels provide more traction
  • Generous amount of urethane for durability

You will likely recognize Mini Logo as one of the major skateboard brands you see around. In fact, they were one of the first to ever create a complete 100% skateboard Chinese Maple deck.

While they have a bit of a cult following in the skate community, a lot of the Minis are quite underrated, and the Mini Logo C-Cut wheels are no different.

The black C-cuts are the most affordable wheels the company offers and use a hard-cored urethane so you can skate them as long as you need. They're great on any kind of riding from freeride to street, and recreational riders enjoy them too because they can ride them hard for a long time without any issues (and that's what really matters).

3. Santa Cruz Vomits 97a Slime Balls Skateboard Wheel 60mm Black

Our rating: 6 / 10

Santa Cruz Vomits 97a Slime Balls Skateboard Wheel 60mm Black

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  • Great wheel for commuting
  • Durable and super lightweight
  • Suitable for several types of terrain
  • Slidy and grippy on both hard and smooth surfaces

The Santa Cruz Vomits are one of the most widely used wheels in existence, and they’re suitable for riders of all levels. These wheels are made of a high-quality urethane that gives the skateboard a lot of tricks.

This urethane formula is created to provide you with high acceleration and offer a lot of grip on a wide variety of surfaces and terrains. The patented Santa Cruz lip on the wheels lets them glide and provides you with a buttery smooth ride.

The wheels are pretty durable, and most riders can get around 15-20 sessions depending on how often you skate. They’re also pretty lightweight, so you can easily switch between various lines while you’re skating.

4. Pig Head Natural 50mm Skateboard Wheels

Our rating: 5 / 10

Pig Head Natural 50mm Skateboard Wheels

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  • Ready to roll!
  • Great grip
  • Nice and smooth on most surfaces
  • Perfect for beginners or experienced skaters


  • Can be slippery on some surfaces
  • Some users have found them to be heavy

Pig Head brand wheels are manufactured with a range of different urethane compounds that give them unique performance characteristics for specific techniques and riding styles.

This all-new wheel is an excellent choice for beginners and casual riders. These wheels are grippy enough for grinding and performing Lipslides on a park bench. They will help you take your skateboarding tricks to a new level.

The Pig Head Natural are really easy to slide with.

5. Abec 11 Freerides Centerset Green Longboard Skateboard Wheels 72mm 78a

Our rating: 5 / 10

Abec 11 Freerides Centerset Green Longboard Skateboard Wheels 72mm 78a

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  • Great set of wheels for cruising
  • Durable and awesome replacements for stock wheels
  • Great price

We want to start by saying that these wheels require a center set bearing which means that you will need to buy a bearing to put in the middle of the wheel.

But once you put these on all your friends will think you are riding on roller skates and they will need to ride in the flat so they can keep up.

These wheels are great from carving and cruising and all skating styles.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which wheels are best for skateboards?

We always say there's no right or wrong when it comes to skateboard wheels, as long as they roll! However, there are certain things you need to know as you choose your wheels. The first is size and shape.

Skateboard wheels are measured by the diameter in inches, and you can choose wheels between 2.4" or 2.6". The two larger sizes, 2.5" and up, are better for longboards, so if you go for a smaller board, choose the smaller two sizes.

Depending on your skateboarding style, you can choose rounded, or square shaped wheels. The most popular are the rounded ones for their comfort and ease of use. However, when you’re learning to skate, you might want to start with the square ones. This lets you practice a more technical style of skating.

What's the best wheel size for a skateboard?

Choosing the perfect wheel size is a well-considered decision that is highly dependent on your desired function of the board and your specific skating style.

For pure cruising or traveling, you'll want to select a wheel that gives a smooth ride, whether it's flexy and slides smoothly or a classic, hard urethane wheel that rolls fast.

For more advanced or aggressive skating styles, you'll want to opt for durable urethane wheels that grip the pavement, which will help you navigate tight turns and sharp corners. For standard skatepark riding you should probably select a wheel size between 56mm-60mm.

The other more important considerations are riding style, level of experience, and size. Skateboard wheels are generally sized between 52mm-60mm, but some are as short as 46mm and as long as 70mm. Decide on the right diameter wheels based on your skill level, height, and style of skating.

What are the best quality skateboards?

A good skateboard must be made with materials that are strong and durable, without adding too much weight to the board. The good news is that there are now some amazing boards made with amazing and powerful materials that are core to the core of the performance. The core and the wheels of the skateboard are considered to be the most important because these parts ensure maximum responsiveness and ease of control.

The materials used to create skateboards are very similar to those used in the construction of snowboards … so you’ll find the same type of cutting-edge technology in both types of boards. However, the advantage of skateboards compared to snowboards is that they don’t require a special element (or “snow”) to maneuver. All that’s needed is a smooth surface like concrete, asphalt or even a wooden boardwalk.

Which Spitfire wheels are the best?

Spitfires are the most popular wheels in skateboarding because they have both a smooth ride and a high durability rating. They’re tried and true, and you can’t go wrong with them.

We love Spitfire wheels because they’re a part of a family of professional skateboard wheels. Each wheel in this family has specific advantages and disadvantages. Most skaters will probably prefer the Fireball wheel over others in the family.

The Fireball wheel is the largest wheel in the family measuring in at 48mm. Even though it’s a big wheel, most skaters say it’s fast and still has enough grip. We love that it performs just as well in flip tricks as it does in top mount tricks.


In this article, we have compiled a complete list of skateboard wheels, with information about their different options, characteristics, and pros/cons. We have also researched extensively to find out what the current market for skateboards wheels looks like, and this article is based on the results of that detailed investigation.

In this article, we look at the following aspects:

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Shark Wheel 60 mm 78a Skateboard WheelsBest OverallShark Wheel 60 mm 78a Skateboard Wheels
Mini Logo C-Cut 53mm 101a Black Skateboard WheelsBudget PickMini Logo C-Cut 53mm 101a Black Skateboard Wheels